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Dermal fillers are widely recognised as a popular and effective treatment to improve your facial appearance with immediately visible results. They soften the lines, creases and hollowing that occur naturally as we age by plumping the skin to add volume and definition. 


Delivered as a single treatment, further maintenance appointments will be required. The timing of these will be determined by how quickly the body ‘s metabolism breaks down the filler and ranges from 6 to 14 months.


Nu-lux Clinic offers Revolax, Epitique (e.p.t.q) dermal fillers and other brands. With a minimal recovery time, they are the perfect introduction to the world of aesthetic treatments. 


Once the gel has been injected it is re-absorbed by the body helping to make it one of the safest procedures available.

Areas suitable for treatment: Lips, Cheek, Chin and Jaw


This is one of the most requested areas of the face to be treated and the ratio of Hyaluronic acid used is sometimes higher in this area 


Increase lip volume

Dermal Fillers soften the appearance of thinning lips often caused by ageing, helping to improve confidence.


Add definition

Suitable for all ages, over 18 and especially those with a less defined lip line.


Lip condition

Many clients report an increased hydration of the lips as an additional benefit of their improved skin tone.



This treatment helps to restore lost volume in the cheek area, typically presenting as a hollowing of the cheeks. It results in a lifted appearance and is effective in softening the lines that run from the outer corner of the nose to the mouth. 


Where the cheekbones protrude or are uneven, dermal fillers will result in a smoother and softer appearance. 




Dermal fillers add volume to those areas of the face affected by reduced collagen which can appear bumpy and less smooth.


Jaw line 

Commonly referred to as the jowls, the appearance is often saggy and less youthful. Dermal fillers help to restore the fullness achieving a smoother and plumper line.

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30 minutes

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Single treatment

Repeated 6-18 months dependent on individual metabolism

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Avoid alcohol and caffeine 48 hours pre and post treatment


Avoid the following for 48 hours post treatment: Sauna, Sun Beds, Hot showers and exercise and any other facial treatments such as massage

Detailed advice sheet will be sent home with you


It is important that you feel confident in your choice of treatment. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation, prior to booking, to help identify which service best suits your specific requirements.


You will be asked some medical questions to determine if there are any contra-indicators that may prevent you from proceeding. Additionally, I will explain the procedure in detail including all COVID precautions.










3 areas


  • Are dermal fillers painful?
    A numbing cream is used on the lips to reduce discomfort. The filler itself contains Lydocaine which also helps to reduce pain.
  • How long do dermal fillers last?
    This will depend on how quickly a person’s metabolism breaks down the filler. The maximum amount of time could be just under two years, but 6-10 months is common for most people.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Some tingling or numbness is common at the time of your appointment. Swelling or redness is usual and will disappear after several days. Bruising is less common but can occur. Ice packs or applying arnica will reduce it. You will receive a post-treatment advice guide to take home.
  • Who can have Dermal Fillers?
    Men and women over the age of 18. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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