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Vitamin B12 is derived from meat and fish. It can also be obtained by the consumption of cheese, milk and eggs.

Cyanocobalamin is a synthetically made version of B12. Once injected, it will start to support many different systems within the body by replenishing DNA which is present in every cell.

To help you to determine if booking a B12 injection would benefit your overall health and wellbeing, it may be useful to learn how it could improve some of the health issues you may be experiencing.  

Vitamin B12 is vital to many fundamental processes and helps the body in the following ways:

• Red blood cell production
• Improves cognitive impairment
• Fights anxiety and mood swings
• Promotes sleep 
• Replenishing of hair, nail, and skin 
• Increases energy levels 
• Protects against Pernicious Anaemia
• Prevents neurological problems if left untreated 


How do B12 injections work? 


Vitamin B12 is absorbed into our tissues through the digestive tract, however the process can be disrupted from poor digestion, intestinal disease, or the use of some medications. 

Detected by a routine blood test, a course of tablets is often prescribed to treat a B12 deficiency. Whilst effective the time taken to start to increase B12 levels can be slow, often 6-12 months, and additionally oral tablets can be missed or even cause digestive issues.

Opting for a simple regular injection is the perfect way to prevent many minor health issues becoming more serious whilst also removing the inconvenience of taking tablets daily. 

NU-Lux is a registered clinic with the highest standards of hygiene, professionalism, and knowledge but we would always advise speaking with your doctor in the first instance to check if your symptoms are indicative of a more serious medical issue.


Who would benefit from a B12 Injection?


• Menopausal woman
• Anyone suffering continuous depression or low mood
• Girls and women with heavy periods causing iron deficiency
• Those undertaking regular strenuous sporting or physical activities
• Vegans and vegetarians as B12 is primarily derived from animal products 
• Mature people over 55
• Diabetics
• Those suffering from Crohn’s or Coeliac disease

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10 minutes

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Typically, every few months or you can opt for a short course to boost levels more quickly. Nu Lux offers short courses of treatment which consist of an injection every second day for the first two weeks, a single injection after a further two weeks and then continuing with one injection a month. 

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Post injection there is no need for any recovery time

Try to improve your diet generally

Make a plan to increase the amount of rest you get 

Improve your bedtime routine to help increase sleeping potential


It is important that you feel confident in your choice of treatment. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation, prior to booking, to help identify which service best suits your specific requirements.


You will be asked some medical questions to determine if there are any contra-indicators that may prevent you from proceeding. Additionally, I will explain the procedure in detail including all COVID precautions.




Coming soon. 

  • Are dermal fillers painful?
    A numbing cream is used on the lips to reduce discomfort. The filler itself contains Lydocaine which also helps to reduce pain.
  • How long do dermal fillers last?
    This will depend on how quickly a person’s metabolism breaks down the filler. The maximum amount of time could be just under two years, but 6-10 months is common for most people.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Some tingling or numbness is common at the time of your appointment. Swelling or redness is usual and will disappear after several days. Bruising is less common but can occur. Ice packs or applying arnica will reduce it. You will receive a post-treatment advice guide to take home.
  • Who can have Dermal Fillers?
    Men and women over the age of 18. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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